Pipeline Inspection (Intelligent Pigging)

Dacon specializes in pigging ‘unpiggable’ pipelines. Pipelines with no launching or receiving facilities, unbarred tees and other
configurations traditionally have been deemed ‘unpiggable’. Dacon has successfully pigged all ‘unpiggable’ scenarios as the technology has been
specifically designed for this task. With such expertise normal ‘piggable’ lines become very straightforward.



The Dacon Intelligent Pig can be used to inspect pipelines that are carbon steel, austenitic steel, high density polyethylene (HDPE),
concrete, concrete lined, or HDPE lined. The lines can be subsea, underground, or above ground,
and can be bare pipes, coated or insulated with any material.



The ILI system can also be used for riser inspections, with or without production outage.

Large diameter piping up to 64” and non-metallic pipelines such as HDPE can also be inspected by the Dacon Intelligent Pig.
Dacon are currently the World leader in Intelligent Ultrasonic Pigging of HDPE pipelines.


The Dacon Intelligent Pig tethered system can also be used for underground lines, road crossings, jetty lines etc.,
where external access is limited. Again the advantage is in the extremely accurate and immediate inspection results.

Dacon’s research and development department is continuously working on upgrades or specific developments to suit clients’ requirements.
With today’s availability of advanced technology such as GPS systems, inclinometers, accelerometers, and other sensors,
there is virtually no limit to the amount of data that can be gathered from an ILI tool run down a pipeline.

The ILI tools can be fitted with distance and angle encoders, sub sea and topside tracking systems,
and elevation trackers to mention but a few of the combinations available.